Monday, February 18, 2013


I’m enrolled in a Survey Methods course this quarter and have really enjoyed it! I’m designing a survey to describe the uses of educational technology at UC Davis, with the hope of being able to draw conclusions about the digital literacy skills our instructors expect from our students.

It’s kind of incredible how much detail goes into designing a survey. First I drafted the questions, then had a focus group with seven professors, revised my questions, sent them to ed tech experts for review, revised again, and am now actually building the survey on a webplatform. I’ve opted to go for SoGoSurvey, partly because it was recommended by a survey expert who presented to our class, but also because I found the demo video incredibly useful.

Plus, if I like their page on Facebook and put up a blog post about them, they’ll give me a student license for free!

I’d been playing around with the program and it’s pretty nice—easy to use, lots of color schemes and question types, and it seems like it will be easy to track who has and has not responded to the survey once I send it out. The program also lets me export my data to SPSS, or I can conduct analysis within SoGoSurvey.

Thanks for the student license, SoGoSurvey!

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  1. Survey Moz do a similar thing to this. If you provide a link to them on your website, you get the premium account for free.

    Providing the link isn't removed that is. I've not long been using them, but would highly recommend them.